Piscataway Community Center dedication

Thank you everyone! What a great day this is for Piscataway!

Mayor Brian C. Wahler gave the following remarks at the dedication of The YMCA at the Piscataway Community Center:

"I’m very happy we’re all here to celebrate our Township and dedicate our community center.

"We didn’t think we’d be wearing masks. We didn’t think we’d be socially distant. Frankly, for our country, we didn’t expect quite a lot of things.

"But, despite our national problems, our Township is thriving. What you see today is an example of good planning, hard work, and most importantly, optimism.

"What makes this community center special is what makes our community special. We are diverse and unified, respectful and kind. We volunteer. We give. We care. We know that there is a place for everyone.

"This is what our community center is: a place for everyone. Every member of every family can find something fun and worthwhile here.

"More importantly, we can enjoy each other as neighbors and friends under one roof.

"Actually, not just under one roof. We can also enjoy each other underneath a pirate-themed splash bucket.

"Unfortunately, the day when we can invite everyone here is not today. I assure you though, it will come.

"So, while today is not a grand opening, it is a dedication. For us though, it really is a rededication.

"Today, we rededicate ourselves to community. We rededicate ourselves to the belief that the basic well-being of everyone is all of our responsibility.

"As we look forward to the open doors of this community center, we press onward with creating a Township that continues to welcome everyone.

"I hope you enjoy today’s festivities. Thank you all for being here."