Public Works

Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm except for designated Township holidays.  All calls may be directed to the main number at (732) 562-2390 where they will be redirected to the appropriate person for handling.

The Piscataway Department of Public Works is the overall custodian of the Municipality.  It services, maintains, improves and repairs the infrastructure of the Town.  It administers services and programs that include snow removal, leaf collection, roadway repairs, building and grounds maintenance, parks maintenance, sanitary and storm sewer maintenance, traffic sign, traffic signal and street sign maintenance, bulk trash pickup, recycling/trash center operation and various other related functions.

This Department also performs many proactive administrative duties required for the preparation, execution and implementation of specifications and bid proposals for contracts that include but are not limited to the installation and repair of curb, sidewalk as part of road rebuilding, sanitary sewer storm sewer improvements, the maintenance of public lawns and landscaping and milling and paving roadways. This Department also oversees and administers the progress, quality control and payment schedules for these contracts.

Administration and Operations

This Division is the administrative arm of the department headed by the Director who is also the overall head of the department.  Administration and Operations oversees the other divisions to ascertain manpower and equipment requirements for operation of the department.  The secretarial and clerical staff process payroll, maintain time sheets, redirect incoming phone calls to appropriate division personnel and perform other related office functions.  The administration, through the Director and Assistant Director also process contracts, develop budgets, approve purchases and interacts with utility companies, contractors, vendors, suppliers, local, county, state and federal officials.

  • Potholes (Division of Streets and Roads)
  • Roadway Maintenance (Division of Streets and Roads)
  • Street Signs (Division of Streets and Roads)
  • Traffic Signs and Signals (Division of Streets and Roads)
  • Snow Removal (Division of Streets and Roads)
  • Curb Maintenance (Division of Streets and Roads)
  • Trees on Township Property (Division of Buildings & Grounds/Parks & Public Playgrounds)
  • Parks and Public Grounds (Division of Buildings & Grounds/Parks & Public Playgrounds)
  • Storm Sewers (Division of Sewers)
  • Sanitary Sewers (Division of Sewers)
  • Leaf Collection (Division of Recycling and Solid Waste)
  • Recycling (
  • Bulk Pickup Cleanup by Appointment Program (Division of Recycling and Solid Waste)
  • Recycling/Trash Center (Division of Recycling and Solid Waste)

Recycle Right

What can be recycled? What can’t be recycled? Be sure to check out the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s webpage for residential recycling before you put a questionable item in your recycling bin.