Ecological Park

Ecological Park concept plan 08.03.23 web

For a closer look at the Piscataway Ecological Park concept plan, please click here.

Mayor Brian C. Wahler was pleased to talk with CME Associates engineering officials
on the May 2023 episode of Eye on Piscataway about progress for Piscataway Ecological Park.

Mayor Brian C. Wahler and the Township Council are thrilled to have taken another significant step in the creation of Piscataway Ecological Park. Specifically, on March 7, 2023, the Township Council approved a preliminary design and permitting proposal for state officials to review.

For our planned open-space park of several dozen acres on the corner of S. Washington Avenue and Metlars Lane, among the many features in the preliminary map are a mall plaza & bridge, 600-seat outdoor amphitheater, shared use path with fitness stations, playground structures for toddlers, dog park, memorial garden and wild flower area.

Environmental remediation that is now taking place involves a careful and long process.  Also, creating the park will take time.  Yet eventually, Piscataway residents will be able to enjoy an enormous outdoor oasis in a thoroughly natural setting.