Office of Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is the Township’s official lifeline to federal, state and county resources should a need arise to mobilize and help Piscataway residents. Responding to emergencies such as natural disasters, hazardous materials spills, a mass victim incident or a building collapse is managed by the OEM Coordinator and volunteers whom are part of our local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). OEM is charged with evacuation and sheltering of residents if needed.

Paul Snyder
Office of Emergency Management Coordinator

(732) 562-7621

OEM is always looking for more people from the community to be a part of our CERT. The training program lasts over eight (8) weeks and includes instruction on search & rescue, working with non-profits such as the Red Cross, finding shelter for residents displaced by a structure fire and other emergency response measures. If you are interested, please contact the OEM Coordinator.

The following is a list of generally useful resources: