Engineering Division

The Division of Engineering operates under a licensed Professional Engineer who functions on a part time consulting basis.  The daily operation of the division is supervised and guided by the Supervisor of Engineering.

All road design work, tax map revisions, drainage plans, sewer plans, posting and returning of performance bonds are done “in house” in this Township.  Some of these activities must have the Engineer’s review and approval, and in some instances, require the Engineer’s signature and professional seal.  The Engineering staff handles telephone inquiries from the public, photocopies maps and documents as requested, prepares bid specifications and plans for various projects, prepares radius maps, and performs various surveying and deed and file map related functions. The Engineering staff also updates zoning maps and keeps current, through weekly meetings with the Assessing Division, all tax map changes required by way of new deeds that have been recorded.  This Division also applies for State Grants for various projects and, if received, prepares the plans and specifications, bids and recommends award of the project, prepares partial payments, and arranges for reimbursement from the State.

Engineering staff provides detailed information about processes involved in such matters as street opening permits, fiber optic cable permits, stream encroachment permits and applications, wetlands permits and applications, sanitary sewer main extension permits and applications, provide flood zone determinations, and traffic light approvals for construction and modification.