Service Cards

The Piscataway Service Card streamlining public works for you!

Homeowners and landlords should please e-mail their phone number and an image of their property tax bill, sewer bill, property assessment card or property deed to  The card number will be used to coordinate future curbside pick-ups.  We will then mail a Service Card packet to them.

Service Card entire image

Tired of rummaging for leaf bag coupons?  Want to cut down on the postal mail you get?

The Township is excited to bring you the new Piscataway Service Card.  Whether it is recycling e-waste or disposing of bulk trash, brush from your yard or leaves, this new card will make your trip to the Public Works yard easier and faster.

The ID packet includes a wallet size card and two key chain-size cards so your entire household can take advantage of this new program.

The card packet itself is free.  Instead of going to the Tax Collector’s office to purchase additional leaf bag bundles you will be able to pay for and collect the additional bags right at the Public Works facility.  Additional bundles can also be purchased in the Public Works office.

Public Works office staff will accept credit cards, debit cards and checks to put coupon credits on your card.  However, no cash is accepted.

No longer will you need coupons when you come to the Public Works yard to dispose of items or recycle.  The Piscataway Service Card features a bar code directly linked to your postal address and tax record.  Township staff will use hand-held scanners to verify your card for your needs:
  • Recycling – If you have computers, TVs or even just household paper and plastic, whatever we normally accept for recycling, just show your card.  You can also still put your household recycling at your curb for pick-up.
  • Bulk trash drop-offs – Instead of presenting a driver’s license or utility bill for proof of residency, just have your card scanned.  You get four drop-offs per year, and that is in addition to two bulk trash pick-ups per year.
  • Grass & small yard waste – Coupons for grass disposal can be purchased outside the DPW office and added to the service card for one dollar ($1.00) per 30-gallon bag (supplied by the residents) that is disposed. Coupon credits purchased in 2021 may only be used in 2021; credits do not roll over to subsequent years. A minimum of two $1.00 purchases must be made with each transaction. Only checks or credit/debit cards are accepted for any purchases made through the DPW office. Checks should be made out to “Township of Piscataway.” The service card acts as your ID and must be presented at the gate as proof of residency.
  • Leaves – Rather than get two free leaf bag coupons in the mail, credit for two bundles of twenty leaf bags will be on your card.  Additional bundles of twenty bags are $8 each.  You can put money on your card at the Public Works office and pick up your bags there too.

Are you a renter?  Your landlord will need to obtain an ID packet and give it to you.  Should you move, give the packet back to your landlord for the new tenants.

Can you give your card to a contractor to dispose of items for you?  Unfortunately, no.  In order to prevent abuse of the system, the cardholder must be present for the card to be used.  In addition, neither commercial vehicles nor construction debris are accepted into the Public Works Yard.  This includes residents performing their own construction work; we cannot accept this type of debris.

Remember, the card packet is free.  If you lose your cards, there is a $5 replacement fee.  The Public Works Department will be able to provide replacement cards and accept payment for them during business hours only.

You can check your card balance in person at the Public Works offices.  If you are planning to move soon, do not put too much money on your service card because refunds will not be provided.