Firefighters Memorial service 2021

Firefighters memorial service 05.27.21 website - Copy

On May 27, 2021, Mayor Brian C. Wahler gave the following speech at Piscataway's annual Firefighters Memorial service:

"I am honored to be with you today as we pay tribute to the firefighters for whom the last alarm has sounded.

"They no longer walk among us but their spirit lives.  It lives in you.  You are the ones taking up their great legacy.  It is a legacy of courage and care, of strength and sacrifice.

"The duty of a firefighter may be simple to say but its gravity is heavy.  It is to save lives.  It is to protect our families and homes.  As large as a community gets, there is no community without firefighters.

"Our Township is one of the oldest in America.  Before there was a country, there was Piscataway.

"Generations of volunteers over hundreds of years have built this community.  Again and again, young men and women answer a call to protect the public.  As they age, the call endures.

"Only until their time is called to leave this Earth is the burden relieved.

"Let us remember their names.  Let us herald their bravery.  Let us tread humbly in their memory.

"For those serving now in one of our fire companies or rescue squads, thank you.  On behalf of a grateful Township, we are in debt to your service."