Recycling Activity for Businesses - Tonnage Report Information

To: All Piscataway Township Businesses, Institutions & Multi-Family Dwellings

From:   Guy Gaspari, Director of Public Works & Piscataway Township Recycling Coordinator

SUBJECT:     2022 Business and Institution Recycling Tonnage Report

While nearly all businesses and institutions in Piscataway Township are now conducting on-going recycling programs as required by law, a large amount of this activity is still not being adequately reported.  Since annual municipal recycling tonnage grants are based on recycling tonnage reports, the underreporting of recycling activities has a negative impact on our community.  In other words, if the recycling conducted by your business or institution is not reported, it is as if it didn’t take place.

In an effort to obtain recycling information, the Township is requesting completion of the recycling activity and tonnage report.  It is requested that your business’s or institution’s information be provided by March 15, 2023 which would allow adequate time for our recycling coordinator to file the annual recycling reports to the DEP.  For your convenience, the report can now be completed electronically. The report can still be completed and mailed, faxed or scanned and emailed back to your municipal recycling coordinator.  Failure to establish a recycling program and/or submit tonnage information may result in a monetary penalty. 

Local businesses are the backbone of our Township and your cooperation is critical to the success of our recycling goals and initiatives.  Please help us achieve our 50% mandated recycling goal.  Should you have any questions once you have reviewed the enclosed materials, please do not hesitate to contact me at (732) 562-2390 or email at

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With the high cost of waste disposal in New Jersey and readily available recycling opportunities, now is the time to start or improve your organization’s recycling efforts. While recycling is the law in New Jersey, recycling can also save you money by reducing your disposal costs. In most cases, the recycling of materials costs less than disposing of the same materials as waste.


Many of the companies collecting solid waste (garbage) in Piscataway Township also provide business and institutional recycling collection services. If your organization doesn’t yet have a recycling program, contact your garbage hauler, your municipal recycling coordinator or the State Bureau of Recycling and Planning for more information about starting a recycling program.

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**Filing of Annual Tonnage Report Form is Mandatory**