Piscataway Mayor, Council Call for Trump's Expulsion

Township Officials Pass Measure Urging Congress to Impeach and Remove 45th President

January 12, 2021 – At its meeting this evening, the Piscataway Township Council passed a resolution calling for Congress to impeach and remove Donald Trump from the presidency.

“Donald Trump was both the general and spiritual leader of the fascist mob that ransacked the Capitol,” Mayor Brian C. Wahler said.  “His shameful creation of the riot – the culmination of his long, despicable effort to overturn a free and fair election – is most clearly a violation of his oath and evidence of the danger of his continuing to serve in office.  His contempt for democracy, scorn for the Constitution, and malevolent disregard for the safety of those who serve and work on Capitol Hill must be met with the most serious of sanctions."

“Regardless of the upcoming inauguration of President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, Congress must act immediately,” Ward 3 Councilmember Steven D. Cahn said.  “America cannot move forward unless sedition is countered, insurrection is prosecuted and those such as Donald Trump, who fomented the violent, attempted overthrow of the legislative branch, are forever barred from positions of public trust.”

To read the resolution, please click here.