Wahler Calls on VP Pence, Cabinet to Invoke 25th Amendment

Wants Insurrectionist Enablers Held Responsible

January 6, 2021 – With a reprehensible band of miscreant neo-confederates having stormed the Capitol at the behest of Donald Trump, Piscataway Mayor Brian C. Wahler joins many throughout the country in calling for Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet to recognize the clear and present danger of the 45th president by invoking the 25th Amendment.

“Donald Trump is not only incapable of upholding his oath to faithfully execute the powers of his office, he is actively working to undermine the Constitution rather than defend it,” Wahler said.  “The Congress was in midst of exercising its constitutional obligation to count the certificates of the Electoral College.  With great malice driven by his insatiable ego, malevolent desire to circumvent a valid election, and reckless disregard for the safety of those who serve in the legislative branch, Trump directed hundreds of his fascist supporters to halt the essential work of our duly elected representatives and senators.”

“The United States Capitol, the most prominent symbol of democracy and liberty in the world, has been tarnished by the malignant stench of domestic enemies having breached its heralded chambers,” Wahler continued.  “American democracy has never been safe from the criminal and autocratic manipulations of Donald Trump, and our very republic cannot be secure with his continuance in office.”

Furthermore, Mayor Wahler also seeks the New Jersey congressional delegation to work to expel those in Congress complicit in today’s insurrection from their federal offices.

“Those in Congress whom have seditiously plotted with Donald Trump to foment violence at the expense of our democratic institutions must be held responsible for their malicious misdeeds,” Wahler said.  “They too should no longer serve in a position of public trust and the House and Senate must each root out the traitors to democracy in their midst.”