Zoning Board of Adjustment

The powers of the Zoning Board of Adjustment are in accordance with N.J.S.A. 40:55D-69 et seq., and amendments and supplements thereto, and with the provisions of this chapter.

  • It is further the intent of this chapter to confer upon the Zoning Board of Adjustment as full and complete powers as may lawfully be conferred upon such Board, including, but not by way of limitation, the authority in connection with any case, action or proceeding before the Board to interpret and construe the provisions of this chapter, or any term, clause, sentence or word hereof, and the Zoning Map, in accordance with the general rules of construction applicable to legislative enactments.
  • The Board may, in appropriate cases and subject to appropriate conditions and safeguards, grant variances from the terms of this chapter in accordance with the general or specific rules contained herein, and with the general rules hereby laid down, that equity shall be done in cases where the strict construction of the provisions of this chapter would work undue hardship. The powers and duties of the Board having been delegated to and imposed upon it by statute, the Board shall in all cases follow the provisions applicable to it in N.J.S.A. 40:55D-1 et seq. or subsequent statutes in such case made and provided, and it shall from time to time furnish to any person requesting the same a copy of its rules and information as to how appeals or applications may properly be filed with the Board for its decision thereon.

Shawn Cahill, Chairman & Secretary 1/1/23 - 12/31/26
Artie Hayducka 1/1/22 - 12/31/24
Roy O'Reggio 1/1/22 - 12/31/25
Kalpesh Patel 1/1/24 - 12/31/27
Jeffrey Tillery 1/1/23 - 12/31/26
Steven Weisman 1/1/24 - 12/31/27
Rodney Blount 1/1/24 - 12/31/24
William Mitterando (alternate) 1/1/23 - 12/31/24
Waqar Ali (alternate) 1/1/23 - 12/31/24

Laura Buckley - Recording Secretary
James Kinneally, III Esq. - Zoning Board Attorney

Meetings of the Zoning Board take place via Zoom at 7:30 PM on the following dates in 2024:

  • Thursday, January 11th (Reorganization meeting followed by regular meeting)
  • Thursday, January 25th 
  • Thursday, February 8th
  • Thursday, February 22nd
  • Thursday, March 14th
  • Thursday, March 28th
  • Thursday, April 11th
  • Thursday, April 25th
  • Thursday, May 9th
  • Thursday, May 23rd
  • Thursday, June 11th
  • Thursday, June 27th
  • Thursday, July 11th
  • Thursday, August 15th
  • Thursday, September 12th
  • Thursday, September 26th
  • Thursday, October 10th
  • Thursday, October 24th
  • Thursday, November 14th
  • Thursday, December 12th
Meeting date, time, and location are subject to change