Vital Statistics

The Piscataway Vital Statistics office maintains records of birth that occurred in the municipality from 1912 until the present, as well as most records of marriages since 1916 and deaths since 1917. It also maintains domestic partnership records from 2004 and civil union records from 2001 until the present.

To obtain a certified copy of a vital record, you may fill out, sign, and submit attached Application for Certified Copy of a Vital Record or come to our office in person. You must comply with New Jersey state laws in order to obtain a certified copy of a vital record. Therefore, information on identification requirements, as well as who may request your vital record has been provided.

If your event (birth, civil union, death, domestic partnership, marriage or re-marriage) didn't take place in Piscataway Township, please click here for a listing of local registrars throughout the State of New Jersey as you must obtain all certified copies in the municipality the event occured.

The fee for a birth certificate is $25, marriage certificate is $25 and the death certificate is $25, For these requests, we accept cash, check, Master Card, Visa or money orders.  The fee for marriage applications is $28 cash, Master Card and Visa only.

Listing of Services provided by the Vital Statistics Office:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage application and marriage certificates
  • Civil union
  • Domestic partnership
  • Death certificates
  • Corrections to vital records
  • Licensing of food establishments

Marriage, re-marriage, civil union, and re-affirmation of civil union:

The Registrar/Licensing Officer is in charge of taking the affidavit on a License Application for Marriage, Re-Marriage, Civil Union, and Re-affirmation of Civil Union. The applicants must comply with all applicable laws and requirements.

Applicants must appear before the Licensing Officer and make the application. The application form may be downloaded from the NJ State Department of Health website, but the same must be signed, under oath, by the applicants and a witness before the Licensing Officer.

The Township Clerk's Office does not perform any of the above ceremonies. To schedule, you may contact our Mayor's office at (732) 562-2301. You may also contact the Middlesex County Clerk's Office for further assistance.

Domestic Partnership:

On 7/10/2004 became effective the Domestic Partnership Act of NJ, amended by the Civil Union Act on 2/19/2007, allowing the registration of Domestic Partners to couples 62 or older of either same-sex or opposite-sex. For registering a domestic partnership, the couples must meet the eligibility requirements.

Civil Union:

The NJ Civil Union Act implemented on 2/19/2007 recognizes the union of two eligible individuals of the same sex, awarding them the same benefits, protections, and responsibilities as spouses in a Marriage.

The application form, as well as the eligibility requirements for entering into a civil union may be downloaded from the NJ State Department of Health website. The applicants, along with a witness, must sign the application, under oath, before the Licensing Officer. ID required.

Correcting a Vital Record:

The Registrar of Vital Statistics is also responsible for processing requests intended to amend or correct a vital record. In most cases, the State Office of Vital Statistics must authorize these corrections before the Piscataway Registrar may be able to issue certified copies of the vital record.

For supplementary information on how to request a correction to a vital record, please call (732) 562-2310 or visit our office. 

Name Change Kit:

To assist you with the name change process after your ceremony please click here.