Death Certificate

Instructions for requesting a death certificate in person or by mail:

Death certificate: Must complete application, or submit signed letter containing name of deceased, place of death, and date of death. (Click here for application)

Who may request your death certificate:

  • Yourself - Your spouse/legal-partner (relationship must be proved)
  • Your legal parents - Your sibling (proof of relationship required)
  • Your legal guardian - Your child (proof of relationship required)
  • Legal Representation - Your grandchild (proof of relationship required)

Definition of Valid Photo Identification: Legal document showing a photograph of the bearer, and must contain the following: signature, address, and birth date of the bearer. The ID must be issued by a government agency or organization. Ex: Photo Driver License

Identification requirements:

Requests in Person:

  • Valid photo ID as described above, OR
  • Two or more alternate forms of ID, as described below

Mail–in requests:

  • Legible copy of valid photo ID as described above; the certificate will be mailed to the shipping address listed on your ID, OR
  • Legible copy of two or more alternate forms of ID showing shipping address, as described below.

Alternate forms of ID:

  • Non-photo Driver’s License - County ID
  • Vehicle Registration - School ID
  • Insurance Card - Utility Bill
  • Voter Registration Card - Tax Return
  • Passport - Letter from Government Agency
  • Green Card (Alien Card) - Inmate photo-ID with release papers

Fee: $25.00/certificate in the form of cash, check, Master Card, Visa or money order payable to the "Township of Piscataway."

Mail Applicants: Check or money order made payable to "Township of Piscataway" along with a self addressed stamped envelope mailed to:
Registrar of Vital Statistics - 455 Hoes Lane - Piscataway, NJ 08854