Birth Certificate

Instructions for requesting a birth certificate

In person or by mail:

Birth certificate: Must complete application, or submit signed letter containing name, date of birth, birth name of Parent A and birth name of Parent B. (Click here for application)

Who may request your birth certificate:

  • Yourself - Your spouse/legal-partner (relationship must be proved)
  • Your legal parents - Your sibling (proof of relationship required)
  • Your legal guardian - Your child (proof of relationship required)
  • Legal Representation - Your grandchild (proof of relationship required)

Definition of Valid Photo Identification: Legal document showing a photograph of the bearer, and must contain the following: signature, address, and birth date of the bearer. The ID must be issued by a government agency or organization. Ex: Photo Driver License

Identification requirements:

Requests in Person:

Valid photo ID as described above, OR
Two or more alternate forms of ID, as described below

Mail–in requests:

Legible copy of valid photo ID as described above; the certificate will be mailed to the shipping address listed on your ID, OR
Legible copy of two or more alternate forms of ID showing shipping 
address, as described below.

Alternate forms of ID:

  • Non-photo Driver’s License - County ID
  • Vehicle Registration - School ID
  • Insurance Card - Utility Bill
  • Voter Registration Card - Tax Return
  • Passport - Letter from Government Agency
  • Green Card (Alien Card) - Inmate photo-ID with release papers

Fee: $25.00/certificate in the form of cash, check, Master Card, Visa or money order payable to the "Township of Piscataway." 

Mail applicants: Check or money order made payable to "Township of Piscataway" along with a self addressed stamped envelope mailed to:
Registrar of Vital Statistics - 455 Hoes Lane - Piscataway, NJ 08854