Streets and Roads Division

The responsibility of the Road Division is to reconstruct, repair and maintain the Township roadways.  Repairing and maintaining the roadways includes fixing potholes, filling cracks and repaving trenches.

The Road Division performs roadway resurfacing on an annual basis.  This work involves the milling of roadway surfaces and the installation of new bituminous pavement.

The Road Division includes a full paving crew that installs new pavement after the completion of a milling contract. 

This Division is also responsible for installing repairing and maintaining the Township street signs, traffic signs and traffic signals.  Street sweeping and removing debris from the roadways is also included in the Road Division’s responsibilities.

The snow removal program also comes under the responsibility of the Road Division. During major storms all the other divisions are commandeered to participate. 

Citizens noting any concerns under the jurisdiction of the Road Division may call the main number 732-562-2390 to report any issues or concerns.