Sewers Division

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The Division of Sewers has the responsibility of ensuring that both storm and sanitary sewer facilities are in efficient operating condition.  Duties include the cleaning and close circuit television inspection of both storm and sanitary sewer lines when necessary to maintain them in operating order. The Division also maintains streams, culverts, headwalls, detention and retention basins and other stormwater facilities through periodic inspections and cleaning.  The Township’s nine sanitary sewer pumping stations, hundreds of miles of gravity sewer, force mains and associated facilities are inspected, repaired and maintained on a constant basis.

This Division also has jurisdiction over contracts for repairing and installing new storm and sanitary lines and pumping stations as needed.  The Division also maintains usage and flow records for the sanitary sewers within the Township and is responsible for Industrial billing.

It should be noted that blockages in sanitary sewer laterals from privately owned buildings may be the responsibility of the Township of Piscataway through this Division under specific conditions.  The conditions are as follows:

  • There must be a cleanout along the lateral where close circuit television equipment may be inserted.  If none exists, at the property owner’s request, the Township will install a cleanout for $1,500.00 which can be paid in full at the time of installation or paid in four quarterly installments of $375.00 through the sewer use bill.
  • The owner of the property must retain a plumber to determine the location of the blockage with his equipment indicating it is within Township property.
  • The Township will be responsible for removing the blockage only if the blockage is located within Township property and not on private property.

Citizens noting any concerns under the jurisdiction of the Sewer Division may call the main number 732-562-2390 to report their concerns.