Buildings and Grounds/Park & Public Playgrounds Division

This Division is responsible for maintaining all public properties. All public buildings are maintained through this division.

Included in the division’s responsibility is the removal and/or trimming of trees located in the public right-of-ways and Township properties that are heaving curb, sidewalk and roadway, or are diseased or dead.

The Township has a courtesy program to replace damaged sidewalk, curb or driveway due to heaving from Township planted trees.  A resident must notifyy public works preferably in writing and when there is a sufficent budget to repair such conditions the Township will measure and gather the quantities for repair and put them out to bid.  Since the Township has to accumulate a sufficent quantity of repairs for bidding purposes and secure a budget for the work, repairs cannot be done on demand.  The resident can do the work on his/her own if needed.  Maintenance of these appurtenances are ultimately the responsibility of the homeowner.

The Division also maintains and repairs equipment and facilities located in the Piscataway parks and playground system to maintain function and safety. The Division provides services including grass cutting, brush removal, leaf pickup and general lawn maintenance along roadways and other public properties. The Division also supplements its own forces with private contractors.

Citizens noting any deficiencies under the jurisdiction of the Parks and Playground/ Buildings and Grounds Division may call 732-562-2390 to report the problem.