General Investigations & SVU Sections

  • Lt. Christian Young, (732) 562-6564,
  • Sgt. Kyle Weaver, (732) 562-2318,
The General Investigation Section is responsible for conducting investigations for crimes that are committed within the boundaries of the Township.  The incidents range from minor disorderly conduct offenses to major criminal investigations.  These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, managing a number of cases at one time, developing leads, recovering stolen property, tracking and arresting suspects.  The Detectives also assist victims to navigate the criminal justice system from the reporting the crime through trial.  The Identification Officer is assigned to this section and is responsible for the storage of and preservation of evidence, fingerprinting and firearms applications.

The General Investigations Section also includes the Vice/Narcotics Unit which is responsible for investigations involving vice and drug related offenses within the Township.  It is its responsibility to gather intelligence, identify, and eradicate illegal vice and drug activity in the Township.

Special Victims Unit - Det. Sgt. Michael Tighe, (732) 562-2371,

The Special Victims Unit (SVU) is responsible for the investigation of crimes involving the juvenile population, either as a victim or as a suspect, and any vulnerable adult.  SVU is also responsible for the investigation of Missing Persons/Runaways, Domestic Violence Incidents, Sexual Assaults and Sex Related Crimes.  These Detectives are specially trained to deal with sensitive issues that arise from victims of domestic violence and sex related  crimes. Incidents involving Missing Persons and Juveniles are given particular importance due to the vulnerability of the victims. 

The School Resource Officers (SRO) work under the supervision of this unit, in conjunction with the Community Policing Section.  The SRO is the liaison between the school and the police department, opening communication for Administrators, Teachers, and Students.  One SRO is assigned to Piscataway High School and the other is responsible for the three Middle Schools.