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The Piscataway Township Police Department is pleased to announce the continuance of Piscataway Promotes Safe Streets in 2024, an initiative brought forth by the Traffic Safety Division.

Piscataway Promotes Safe Streets is a multifaceted high visibility speed enforcement campaign, which will include continued infrastructure improvements, education, community engagement, and selective speed enforcement efforts. The goal of this campaign is to promote a safer community by reducing motor vehicle collisions on residential 25 mph roadways that are attributed to vehicles traveling at an unsafe speed.

Campaign Elements:

INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENTS: The Piscataway Police Department has received funding to purchase additional pole mounted radar signs, which will be installed throughout residential roadways of the community. These signs display vehicle speed to drivers and collect and store speed data from the roadway. This data is later used to appropriately schedule selective speed enforcement efforts when vehicle speeding is most prevalent.

Radar sign  Radar sign

EDUCATION: In conjunction with local non-profit organizations, educational seminars will continue to be held at local high schools and places of worship to educate young drivers on the danger of operating vehicles at unsafe speeds.
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COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: The Piscataway Police Department will seek to engage the community in this initiative by continuing to offer free lawn signs to residents with various messages encouraging drivers to slow down. The Piscataway Police Department also plans to host open public forums in each sector of the Township to allow for two-way communication between residents and officers regarding vehicle speeding issues in the community.
Ptl. Kloos with Mayor and lawn signs

SELECTIVE SPEED ENFORCEMENT: Directed high visibility speed enforcement efforts will be conducted by officers on residential roadways. These enforcement efforts will be in addition to routine traffic enforcement efforts made by officers.
Ptl. Chanley with councilwoman Sharon Carmichael

Obtaining a Free Lawn Sign:

LAWN SIGNS NOT YET AVAILABLE- Please check back on this web page soon for information in regards to obtaining a free lawn sign when they become available.

Resident Street Liaisons: The Piscataway Police Department- Traffic Safety Division is seeking volunteer liaisons from local 25 mph residential roadways to assist in distributing these lawn signs to neighbors. If you are interested in assisting this campaign in this capacity, please indicate so on the resident portal below. 
Lawn signs in front of police vehicle

Teen Safe Driving Seminar Schedule:

The schedule for teen safe driving seminars is currently being developed. Please check back on this web page, as the schedule will soon be posted.
Officer with children at school

Open Public Forums & Community Events Schedule:

The schedule for open public forums and community events is currently being developed. Please check back on this web page, as the schedule will soon be posted.
Coffee with a Cop

Campaign History:

This campaign was developed by Ptl. Bill Kloos of the Piscataway Police Department- Traffic Safety Division with the goal of reducing motor vehicle collisions involving vehicles traveling at unsafe speeds on residential roadways and to offer a solution to the complaints made by many residents regarding speeding vehicles in their community.

Data assessed indicated that motor vehicle collisions involving vehicles traveling at unsafe speeds on residential roadways were occurring in Piscataway Township at a rate, higher than the county and state average. Data also indicated that young drivers (between the ages of 16-20) were dis-proportionally involved in these collisions. These facts coupled with data that indicates these collisions most often occur while the Piscataway Police Department experiences peak call volume assured that this program was necessary for our community.

This campaign initially began in February 2023 and allows for officers (in addition to routine patrol officers) to be assigned to local residential roadways, specifically for speed enforcement efforts.

2023 Campaign Results:

This campaign was highly successful during the first year and received overwhelming community support.

Educational Seminars: A total of 20 teen safe driving seminars were hosted to educate the youth in the community about the dangers associated with driving at unsafe speeds. These seminars were held at Piscataway High School, Piscataway Magnet School, Timothy Christian School, Piscataway Community Center, and with Boy Scout Troop #67. These seminars were hosted in conjunction with organizations including the NJ Manufacturers Insurance Company and the Brain Injury Alliance.

Selective Speed Enforcement Results: Over 200 selective enforcement details on local residential roadways were initiated, resulting in over 1,800 motor vehicle stops and summonses issued. 65% of these summonses were for violation of N.J.S.A. 39:4-98 (speeding).

Preliminary data shows a decrease in motor vehicle collisions attributed to vehicles operating at an unsafe speed on 25 mph roadways since the start of this campaign.

Speeding Information:

Speed Kills- It’s more than just breaking the law!

When you speed, you risk:

  1. Losing control of your vehicle
  2. Losing your life or ending others’
  3. Safety Equipment (airbags & seatbelts) becoming less effective
  4. Paying for damages and medical costs

Campaign Funding:

Funding for this initiative is provided by the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety. NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety Logo

NJ Division of Highway Traffic Sign Board

Contact Information:

The Piscataway Township Police Department Traffic Safety Division is committed to making residential roadways safer for all pedestrians and motorists in our community. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ptl. Bill Kloos of the Traffic Safety Division at (732)562-7647 or by e-mail at
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Interview with Mayor:


Resident Request For: Radar Sign, Speed Enforcement Efforts, Feedback:

Please use the below portal to submit your feedback or requests. This information will be sent to the Piscataway Police Department- Traffic Safety Division for review and may assist with driving the direction of this campaign.