Animal Control

Piscataway Township's animal control and sheltering are handled by the Township of Edison through a shared services agreement:

  • Animal nuisance complaint investigations and inquiries
  • Investigation of animal bites
  • Quarantining and releasing domestic animals involved in bites
  • Picking up injured animals (wildlife, domestic)/ dead domestic animals (dogs or cats)
  • Picking up wildlife inside of a resident's living quarters
  • Picking up stray domestic animals (cats/dogs). 
  • Cruelty to animals complaints and investigations
  • Arrange for transportation of specimens to State Health Department Laboratory for rabies testing

For more information on any of the items listed above, please contact Edison Animal Control at (732) 248-7278 during normal business hours 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  If you have an animal control emergency after hours, please contact the Piscataway Police Department at (732) 562-1100.

Non-domestic dead animals are picked up by the Piscataway Public Works Department which may be reached at (732) 562-2390. 

Animal Cruelty contact graphic

Edison Municipal Animal Shelter website Click Here



Wildlife information

Click on wildlife for which you require information:

We co-exist with the wildlife in our area.  We do not remove healthy wildlife and relocate.  In most cases, fox, coyotes, etc. are more scared of humans than humans are of them.  Wildlife will usually keep their distance. 

Keep in mind that over the past few years, we have seen an increase in population of deer.  Therefore, the animals that prey on deer (such as coyotes) have also increased.  You should never leave small dogs outside unattended, not only for their safety from coyotes but also from hawks that may see small dogs as prey and swoop down.

Please only contact Edison Animal Control if you see wildlife that are badly injured and not walking or moving or if they have attacked a pet or human.  Deceased deer are to be picked up by the Piscataway Public Works Department which may be reached at (732) 562-2390.