Public Defender

The Office Of The Public Defender

Piscataway Township has an office of the Public Defender. The office is located in the Municipal Complex's Public Safety Building, 555 Sidney Road, Piscataway, New Jersey. If you wish to apply for the Public Defender, you first must appear in court and seek an application from the Judge. The application fee can be as much as but not more than $200.00. You may ask the Judge for time in which to pay this fee. The State of New jersey has strict guidelines for obtaining the Public Defender. Only the Judge can grant you the application and approve the Public Defender. If you plan to seek an application, you should be prepared with documentation of yearly income, as well as proof of living expenses. If you are granted an application, please fill it out in its entirety, return the application to the Violation's window and return to the courtroom. The Judge will review your application at that time and advise you if you have been granted the Public Defender.

In the event you have been assigned the Public Defender, you will be issued a new court date. The Public Defender will meet you at that court appearance to assist you in the defense of your matter. If the Public Defender needs to speak with you prior to the court date, he will obtain your contact information from your application. Please make sure that the information on your application is accurate and up to date at all times.