Probation, Community Service And Conditional Discharge

You can be sentenced to perform Community Service or to serve Probationary term on some offenses.  If you are charged with a drug-related charge and have no prior drug convictions, you may be eligible for a Conditional Discharge.  If you are sentenced to any of these you must fill out a form at the violations window before leaving the day of your court hearing.  All three of these programs are administered by the Middlesex County Probation Department.  The court staff will notify the Probation Department of your sentence and they will contact you for an appointment.  The Middlesex County Probation Department is located in New Brunswick and Perth Amboy. 


If you live in another State or County, the Middlesex County Probation Department will transfer our case to the Probation Department nearest to your residence. You will be assigned to a Probation Office and you will be required to report to your Probation Officer on a regular basis.  If you do not comply with the terms of the Probation Department your Probation Officer will notify this Court and you will be scheduled to reappear in Court regarding your noncompliance.


Community Service is exactly what the name implies.  You are required to serve the Community by doing some kind of work.  As with a Probationary term, the Probation Department will place you close to your residence or place of employment.  If you fail to perform the Community Service, the Probation Department will notify the Court and you will be scheduled to reappear in Court regarding your noncompliance.


A Conditional Discharge term lasts for one year. You will be required to report to the Probation Department.  If you have no further drug arrests or convictions for one year and have complied with the terms set forth, Court will be notified and the original charge against you will be dismissed.  If you fail to report when scheduled or if you have any new drug arrests and/or convictions within a year, the Court will be notified and you will be scheduled to reappear in Court for trial on the original charge.