Property Reassessment

Property assessment card
Homeowners are encouraged to keep their annual assessment postcards.

Property inspection map 2022

While this Eye on Piscataway video is from 2021,
it is helpful to watch for information about the reassessment process

To ensure fair property tax bills for all residents, properties in the Township are revalued each year, many based on an analysis of the real estate market but some by inspection.  A five year cycle calls for one region of the Township to be inspected in a particular year.  As of the end of 2021, the Township has now inspected properties in Fire Districts 1, 3 and 4.

For 2022, the Township will move forward with interior and exterior inspections of homes in Fire District 2.  The Township will offer the option of virtual interior inspections to residential property owners through Zoom.  No data from the Zoom inspection will be recorded or retained by the Township.

Property owners in this area will be notified by a letter from the Piscataway Tax Assessor’s office about when and how inspections will occur.  These inspection letters will be mailed to property owners in neighborhoods including Possumtown, the River Road area and The Heights indicating reassessment inspections will begin in the Summer of 2022.  Inspectors from Professional Property Appraisers (PPA) will begin field work on or about June 13, 2022.  PPA anticipates inspections will be completed by September.

For information about the reassessment process, please click on Reassessment FAQs.  The information provided are examples only and may not apply directly to Piscataway Township or your individual property.

For a list of PPA staff, please click here.  To view their ID cards, please click here