Activities At Sterling Village

While the nearby Piscataway Township Senior Center offers many great classes, events and amenities, Sterling Village also has many different activities that take place in our building and on our grounds. Find the event/program that you would like to be part of your daily life from the list below:

Community Room Events

Our community room is used for a variety of functions, including:
  • Bingo - Weekly
  • Exercise class - Twice a week; one hour of no-impact stretching and strength training.
  • Movies - Weekly movie night.  Watch our DVDs or bring your own and the group decides.
  • Game Night - Weekly game night.  Bring your own games or join in with others.
  • Birthday parties - A monthly party is held for all tenants' birthdays of that month.  All tenants in the building are invited for cake and coffee.
  • Morning Java - Coffee and tea set up each morning, Monday through Friday.
  • Monthly luncheon - For a minimal fee, food is ordered which typically consists of pizza, Chinese food, sandwiches or some other kind of take-out.
Annual BBQ

Each September we have a barbecue in our Community Room that is made possible by the money raised from the annual bazaar. A barbecue truck is driven onto the property behind the Community Room where all food is prepared. Our tenants are then invited to help themselves to a wonderful feast that includes hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage sandwiches with onions and peppers, meatball sandwiches, fried chicken, corn on the cob, french fries, onion rings, watermelon, lemonade and iced tea.

As we all enjoy the feast we also enjoy the music of one of our favorite DJs who always gets the crowd singing and dancing.  Our tenants look forward to our barbecue with anticipation each year!

Sterling Village BBQ 1 09.13.18 2011 Sterling Village picnic-49

Annual Holiday Party

Each December we have a holiday party in our Community Room which is also made possible by the money raised from the annual bazaar.  Our favorite caterer comes in that morning and prepares another superb meal but this time it’s a sit down dinner.  Our tenants are waited on by the friendly catering staff and once again enjoy the old time music classics from our favorite DJ. Although it is not mandatory, many of our tenants dress up in their finest clothing and it is a treat to see them enjoying themselves so much.

Self Entertainment

On the east side of our building (adjacent to the Senior Center) we have benches and bocce courts which you and your visitors are welcome to enjoy. There is a sidewalk that begins at Sterling Village and leads to the Piscataway Township Senior Center.

There is a sidewalk that wraps completely around our building (four times around is a mile) which many of our tenants use for their daily exercise routine.  On the west side of our building is the Piscataway Township walking/biking path that runs parallel to Sterling Village.

The rear patio will features two full patio furniture sets which many of our tenants like to enjoy on warm spring and summer evenings.