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Zoning Board of Adjustment



The Zoning Board of Adjustment has the responsibility of hearing and deciding appeals and variances. 

  • Appeals: when the Board  hears and decide appeals of decisions of the administrative officer enforcing the zoning ordinance.   

The Board also interprets the zoning ordinance and the zoning map. 

  • Interpretations:  when the Board hears and decides on a request for interpretations of the zoning map or ordinance.

The Zoning Board of Adjustment may also grant a variance for a use not specifically permitted in the zone. There are several types of variance listed below.

  • Bulk Variances (“C” Variances):  A departure from any provision of a zoning ordinance except use.  
  •  Use Variances (“D” Variances):  A variance granted for a use or structure that is not permitted in the zone.  Examples of use variances:
    • ·         Use of principle structure
    • ·         Expansion of non-conforming use
    • ·         Deviation from a specification of standard of a conditional use
    • ·         Increase in permitted floor area ratio
    • ·         Increase in permitted density
    • ·         Height > 10 feet or 10% of the maximum height permitted


  • The variance application is available online, or, in the Department of Community Development's Division of Planning office, or, call (732) 562-6570 or (732) 562-6560.