Piscataway Police Launch Online Reporting System

The Piscataway Police Department has launched a 24/7 online system on its Web site that will allow people to file reports at any time. Incidents that can be reported online include theft, minor vandalism (less than $200 value), lost property, harassing phone calls, Police Tips and other non-emergencies. A self-reporting kiosk is installed in the department’s lobby at 555 Sidney Road. Also available on the lobby kiosk is access to the Red Light Camera infractions.

The online system which was installed at no cost to the department was put in place to encourage citizens to report minor incidents they may not have reported via phone or in person. The system enables residents to report the incidents in their own words at their convenience.

 The online reports are reviewed, approved and filed by an officer. People can download and print them for their records. There are no printing fees.

 This system does not in any way preclude a victim from utilizing our current reporting procedure. Victims may be advised when calling for a report that the system may be used rather than waiting for an officer to respond.

 Filing a false police report is against the law. Any person who gives or causes to be given false information to any law enforcement officer, with respect to the commission of any crime or incident, is guilty of a fourth degree crime under New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice (2C:28-4).

The online reporting Web site is: www.piscatawaynj.org/police_dept/police-department.