New Market Area Sewers to be Repaired under Township Public Works Project

Ever heard of “infiltration & inflow?”  The Township Council is looking to reduce it, and that could mean savings on water treatment costs.

All of the water from our kitchens and bathrooms is sent through the sanitary sewer lines and eventually flows to the Middlesex County Utilities Authority (MCUA) facilities.  MCUA then charges the Township for the total amount of water that that it must clean before releasing it into Raritan Bay.

However, as pipes and sewer lines age, cracks develop so then groundwater seeps into the system.  Sometimes tree roots make their way into holes in the pipes.  As a result, groundwater gushes into the sewer system.  All of this extra water then flows to MCUA and the Township is charged additional money.

Under a measure passed Tuesday evening by the Township Council and under the watchful eye of our Public Works Department, the Mott MacDonald company will seek out contractors to repair or replace the broken piping in the New Market Area.  Sometimes the process of patching a problem pipe called “slip lining” is the answer while other times new piping has to be installed.  Regardless, the project is expected to be completed by Fall 2018, the result of which should be less water sent to MCUA and lower costs for the Township.