Around 250 New Permanent Jobs in the Township

Around 250 new, permanent jobs? More businesses paying taxes in the Township? No truck traffic on residential streets? Sounds like a winning combination!

Mayor Brian C. Wahler & the Township Council are excited to move forward with a refurbishment of the vacant GE facility on Centennial Avenue. In its place will be a dynamic commercial logistics facility.

Smart growth planning is being used for a site that has been zoned as light industrial for more than half a century. What is now a vacant facility will be turned into a residential friendly, state-of-the-art warehouse complex. A 13’-16’ high berm with dense plantings on top will be placed along the entire back line. The Township anticipates that these upgrades will be a boost to property values. After all, it is better for home values to have aesthetic, smart growth activity than an abandoned site.

While the facility will flow seamlessly with the neighborhood, locals may not notice it is even there. Located less than a quarter mile from I-287, no truck will ever drive through a residential neighborhood or use Plainfield Avenue. High school students will not be walking anywhere near the facility. Neighbors will see appropriate signage installed and cars will most likely use Centennial Avenue.

This is all part of Mayor Wahler’s and councilmembers’ tireless efforts to bring more good jobs to the city. Filling vacant sites means businesses, not residents, will pay a larger share of the Township tax burden. While the new site expects approximately 250 new jobs in the Township, more employees once worked there for GE – so that means a quieter footprint for Piscataway with a boost to the local economy.