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Municipal Alliance

"Being ATOD FREE in Piscataway Township Is Easy As 1-2-3 !!!"



The mission of the Piscataway Township Municipal Alliance Committee is to work with the police, schools, community/religious groups and  businesses to provide community members with quality programs, which educate our citizens about drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse and misuse.  Part of this mission is to also provide a coordinated approach to advocacy, collaboration and education to promote wellness among all age groups and to keep individuals and families healthy and safe.


The vision of Piscataway Township Municipal Alliance is a substance abuse free healthy community.


Who We Are


The Piscataway Township Municipal Alliance Committee is a coalition of citizens from the business, church and school community as well as members of local organizations.  Alliance members work together on a volunteer basis to develop, plan, and implement programs and activities, which will assist in the prevention of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) use.