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Mayor's Message

I am pleased to be able to let our residents know that the Piscataway Senior Citizen
Center is now open! I know, full well, that our senior population was as eager as I and the council members were to get the Center up and running again. The Senior Center has long had a variety of civic uses. It’s the Township’s official emergency site and the headquarters of the county Meals on Wheels program. In addition, it is host to a wide and diverse
variety of programs and activities. Even before the 2010 Census showed a 19 percent increase in the senior population, up from the 2000 Census, it was clear that an overhaul of the cramped building would be necessary. We have added 3,500 square feet to the building making it now an 18,000 square foot building. It includes a computer lab, a home for our Office of Emergency
Management supplies, classroom space, a large multi-purpose room, two new bathrooms, a pavilion and courtyard and an improved kitchen for the Meals on Wheels program. If you are a Cablevision customer, you will be able to bring your lap top and receive free Wi-Fi service. There are a total of 22 security cameras located both inside and outside of the Center which will provide security of the building itself as well as security to those people inside the Center. The delay in reopening the Senior Center was due to a variety of construction issues but I’m certain once you stop into the Center I know you will realize that the wait was worth it. The new building will become an all-encompassing entity for the people in Piscataway – these additions and improvements  should carry us for, at minimum, several decades. There are a variety of Township activities and events coming up within the next few months and I invite our residents to consider participating in or attending some or all of
these events. They are delineated elsewhere in this newsletter but I feel they deserve a second shout-out.
Residents are invited to join in a Community-Wide Cleanup Litter Day on Saturday, April 20th. The emphasis focuses on waste reduction around the town which will help to beautify our Township. Groups, businesses, neighborhoods and individuals are encouraged to come out and join the fun. Your help will really make a difference. Piscataway’s own museum, the Metlar- Bodine House Museum, will hold their 23rd annual major fund raising live auction on April 27th at the Radisson Hotel in Piscataway. The evening is always fast-paced
and exciting and there is always an auction item that you just can’t live without. Our Street Fair, run successfully every year for the last 21 years by the Public Relations Commission, is scheduled for May 11th. The Fair has something for people of all ages and is widely recognized in the area as the place to be on the second Saturday of May. For the first time, on June 1st and 2nd, Piscataway is participating in RELAY FOR LIFE, an event organized to raise funds for cancer. Since 1985, this world-wide event has raised over $4 billion in the fight to
eradicate cancer. Consider making this a part of your day in June. And I hope to see you all at our Summer Concert Series, sponsored by the Cultural Arts Commission, which will begin in July. All concerts are held on
Thursdays and are a great way to relax and enjoy the melodic sounds of some wonderful entertainers.

I remind you that if you have questions or need information, please do not hesitate to
contact my office at 732-562-2301.