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DIRECTORY (click highlighted subject to get location or to send email)
ADA Coordinator 732-562-7621
Administration Department 732-562-2301
Animal Control Officer 732-562-2353
Community Development Department 732-562-6560
Construction & Building Division 732-562-2325
Department on Aging 732-562-1133
Engineering Division 732-562-6560
Finance Department 732-562-2316
Fire/Rescue 732-562-2333
Fire Prevention Bureau 732-562-2315
Health Department 732-562-2361
Hearing and Speech Impaired 732-562-2371
HR (Human Resources) 732-562-2308
Library: Kennedy 732-463-1633
Library: Westerguard 732-752-1166
Mayor's Office 732-562-2301
Municipal Alliance - Office Phone# 732-562-2375
Municipal Complex 732-562-2300
Municipal Court 732-562-2330
Office of Emergency Management 732-562-7621
PCTV (Piscataway Community TV/Channel 15) 732-562-2305
Personnel 732-562-2308
Planning Division 732-562-6570
Police Department 732-562-1100
Police Investigations 732-562-2366
Police Special Victims 732-562-2371
Police Records 732-562-2378
Police Services/Extra Duty 732-562-2351
Police Traffic 732-562-2345
Property Maintenance (Zoning) Divison 732-562-6570
Public Information 732-562-7627
Public Works (DPW) 732-562-2390
Purchasing 732-562-2320
Recreation 732-562-2382
Recreation (Program Cancellation) 732-562-2389
Senior Citizens Center 732-562-1133
Senior Housing 732-699-0033
Social Services & Welfare Department 732-562-2374
Speech and Hearing Impaired 732-562-2371
Sterling Village 732-699-0033
Tax Assessor 732-562-2328
Tax Collector 732-562-2331
TDD's 732-562-2371
TDD's: Police 732-562-2306
TDD's: Westergard 732-562-2371
Township Clerk Department 732-562-2310


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